Telecom Racks

19”& 21″ Cabinet , Enclosures Racks  of EIA / TIA Standards & ETSI Racks
Features and Benefits
 Standard configuration of AMSNET TECH cabinet comprises of a top,base and 2 sides with integrated AMSNET TECH equipment mounting slots.AMSNET TECH rack ships fully assembled allowing for quick deployment.
 Standard rack heights is approx 2200 mm giving 42 SU and 45 SU (1SU= 1 system unit =25mm) of equipment mounting space.External width of the AMS rack is 600mm.AMSnet tech racks/telecom racks are available in 3 standard depth:300 mm,450 and 600mm.
 A Comprehensive range of options and accessories for amsnet tech rack is available.For instance front glass foor rear panel and plain steel door simple& advanced DC power distribution panles,exhaust fan kit etc.
 [Optional] Hold down bracket protects  add on cards form shocks and vibrations.
 Chassis body made from heavy duty steel and powder coated with polyster paint.
 2 post amsnet tech racks with a comprehensive range of accessories are also offered.
 To fully meet customer’s requirements we can modify & customize AMSnet Tech racks.
 Usingour 19” conversing kit the AMSNET TECH tech cabinet can be converted in to 19”(EIA-310-D) compliant cabinet.Also AMSNET TECH rack can accommodate 19” by using 19” brackets.AMSNET TECH india 19” conversion kit and 19” brackets provide flexibility to the end user .More information about these optional accessories is available on the AMSNETTECH/telecommunication rack accessories page.
Technical data
 Dimentions are in mm 1su= 25mm.
 Material of construction for AMS net,bottom,sides is 1.6mm mild steel.the rack top,bottom.and sides are MIG welded together for superior strength,rigidity and finish.
42U & 45U2200600300/450/600
Finish: The AMSNET TECH racks are power coated  Grey(basic rack: Munchell Grey, Doors and accessories:Bone Grey)or full Black.