About Us

AMS NET TECH comes with a commitment to represent manufactures and distribute a full time of quality and reliable networking products. networking rack products, like Open Racks, Networking Rack, Floor Mount Steel Racks, Wall Mount Racks, Telecom Racks, End-To-End Server Racks, Cable Race Way, KVM Switches, Industrial Servers, etc. We are with the mission to deliver the foremost, innovative, versatile and cost effective product[Networking Rack and Server Rack] in tune with changing technologies. We aim to deliver innovative and versatile products, which are in line with the latest technology, and at cost effective prices.

The primary & present goal are to receive the highest rating and qualification of quality for our business operations and provided IT solutions & services that exceed our customer’s expectations with attitude of continuous improvement.

Today’s businesses face a common set of cable management challenges. IT networking rack and server rack systems, having evolved over the years, there are some things that never change -excessive heat, poor cable organization and dwindling security leading to unauthorized access can damage or impair the operation of vital systems.

AMS NETTECH understands these unique challenges from an industry perspective and helps you address these challenges head-on by providing modular Networking Rack and Server Rack to maximize space availability with the flexibility to accommodate varying multiple-staged capacities. Our products enable unencumbered access to the right information at the right time along with steadfast support that allows you to demand the most from us. Choosing the right rack mount accessory for your Server Rack Cabinets & Enclosures can help improve life cycle energy efficiency and costs.

AMS NET TECH offers a full lifecycle of services to Store, Secure, Streamline and systemize passive and active network components like components on datacenter racks, Lab Tables, KVM Switches, Customized Racks, Networking Racks, Server Racks, Telecom Racks and Floor Mount Racks etc, in order to help simplify and optimize your system utilization, and enable your business to adapt quickly and dynamically to variable environments. We want to be known as a company that makes a difference. Over the years, this has determined our strength and growth.

Our commitment to this begins with the selection of the finest Component and materials from reputed manufacturers. This process is continued through the product development stage and then carried over to the manufacturing process, finally ending with the most stringent & comprehensive quality tests.